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Upgrade! Östersund-Stockholm Interview#3 from on Vimeo.

Upgrade! Östersund-Stockholm Interview#3

Jon Brunberg is a sole proprietorship specialising in visual arts, writing and web development. In the field of visual arts the areas of interest are society, history and politics, presented as animation, installation and performance. Latest projects include the Polynational War Memorial, the Power Tool and The Utopian World Championship.
Data Deluge: http://ballroommarfa.org/archive/event/data-deluge-2/
The Living History Forum: http://levandehistoria.se/PK


Video interview by Nathalie Fougeras for Upgrade!

Video interview


Upgrade! Östersund-Stockholm Interview#2
“You Hero project”
Patrik Karlsson, Tony Blomdahl, Katarina Widell, Palle Dahlstedt

Video interview by Nathalie Fougeras

video performance

Video interview

Upgrade! Interview#1 from Upgrade! Östersund-Stockholm.

Upgrade! Östersund-Stockholm Interview#1 – Magnus Wassborg -


My name is Magnus Wassborg. I am a Swedish artist living in Eksjö.
I have a background in hard rock music and work as an attendant at various psychiatric clinics, 1990 I changed my career, I became interested in art and got into my first art school. After the two schools I was accepted at Konstfack fine art department 1993. During the 1990s I became interested in computers. Konstfack bought a computer in early 90ths which then expanded into a Medialab after a couple of years. There were no staff who could manage the computers so we did everything ourselves . It was extremely useful for our future knowledge. I graduated in 1998 with a Master of Fine Art. I then worked at the art departments Medialab in one year as an assistant. In 2000 I got a job as technical and education supervisor at CRAC (Creative Room for Art and Computing) there was a Medialab for professional artists. We had members from all over the world. 2004, I stopped at CRAC and began working at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm as a teacher to their video department. After a year I got a job at the Malmö Art Academy as teacher in fine art. I was there until 2008 but worked alongside last year in Malmo as a guest lecturer in video and interactivity at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. There, I continued as a guest lecturer until 2010 when I left to move to Eksjö. I wanted to have more time for my own art.

Short about my art.
I started painting in 1990 and continued with it until 1995, when I slid over to video, sculpture and installations. During the 2000’s I started to use computers in various ways. My work has always dealt with the psychosocial interactions with themselves, the objects have no clear interaction with their environment rather an aesthetic that only admired by the object and not with their environment. Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen wrote a text to my last show at centralgallery in Gavle. deals with the works in an ingenious way.
// Curiously. I have only used the word ‘curious’ once before and that was also about Magnus Wassborgs art. Usually I would say “strange”, or possibly “Remarkable damn weird” – all to avoid the “strange”, of course. //
// Wassborg has once again made an appearance in which he played the audio from a computer. Not sound that is in or out using the computer, but the sounds from the computer’s own operation. In all functionality, hidden in the design, there is a world of sound for no one, a world of impressions and sensation that is only and does not represent anything at all. It seems to be something similar to Wassborg to access all objects and relationships. I have the impression that things will turn out at two different levels in this exhibition. On the one hand are those where that apart towed object from which the energies seep as the sounds from the computer, through which the establish new connections to the surroundings and the viewer. On the other hand, they glide, large and slowly, past the spectator from right to left movie. They are quiet. They appear to testify on another world, other contexts, but they are also isolated as celestial bodies almost, their characteristic state has kind of become permanent, a new form. I get almost impression that they are so his items see themselves. When the “sounds” (like computers) makes the nothing: they are. Us without it. Without connections. //
My last digital piece is a lowtech game called casual game. I put it on the Internet 2010. The game involves finding hidden exits to private webcams. People who play must navigate through an old mac. os. operating systems, there are no clues were hidden outputs are, the reward is to find an individual’s webcam and sneak a look at what it shows. The work is on http://www.solo-show.com

video made by Magnus Wassborg


Upgrade presentation 2008! from Upgrade! Östersund-Stockholm.

Upgrade! Östersund-Stockholm video presentation made in 2008


Upgrade International 2010: Soft Borders
October 18-21, 2010
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Open Call for Participation — Deadline: April 30, 2010

We invite proposals of papers, posters and workshops for Soft Borders – the 4th Upgrade! International Conference & Festival on New Media Art, that will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from October 18-21, 2010.

Information about submitting proposals and the event can be found online at the official conference website: http://www.softborders.art.br/

A brief summary is required for the selection process. This should be submitted electronically via the online submission system, by April 30, 2010. You will be asked to create an account within the system before uploading your summary.


Interview by Mathias Janson published in konsten.net on 22th october 2009

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June 8th to 13th june, 2009 – in Like Now! – Birka folkhögskola in Krokoms municipial near Östersund city, Sweden.

About/to do what?: solar panel, electronic components, low technology, sound installation.., collective installation to create together + blog about the process
Free workshop + free living for participants Supported by Krokoms municipial, partner: Birka folkhögskola.

More informations and booking deadline 25th may: upgrade at likenow.org

Below the schedule to download: Schedule “Ecology and new media, summer workshop, 8th-13th june 2009″



Work in process Madeleine Heldorsson, bag, recorded message circuit, mixed media and objects (glass, water, grass, tree, metal box..)

Parabolic Sun, performance in the park, Nathalie Fougeras, parabolic antenna built with some eletronics components + bag + clothes and led light+ wearable solar panel

Thought of Stone, Laboratory from Åsa Maria Hedberg, stones + porcelaine + bag + piezos + amplifier

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Geo Tagging

Road movie & Internet / New media art / workshop / Minibus trip with artists and all people interested  / keywords: gps / video/ pictures/ tagging / road movie / Internet / map / workshop + trip + process + online exhibition

workshop minibus + video/pictures + Internet+ landscape in progress

where: several places in the Solleftea commun

when: 1 week-end, the 9 -10th may

who: artists, young, students + all other people interested

Presentation A trip with a minibuss with 7 workshop participants + 2 initiators are doing a travel in differents places of the Solleftea commun and working at a story or performance they want record with a local landscape, their point of view to exprim this landscape. /

Geo-localizations lakes around (sjöarna kring) Junsele and (och) Ramsele, Österåsen(mountainview), Rödskäggsniporna (small mountain view at the river), Oringsjöurskog (woods),Trefaldighetsdalen, (hidden valley by the river for old medical and ritual place in outskirts of Sollefteå, Meåforsen (not waterpowered-built part of Fjällsjö river) a noman’s land part where some works are.. a place in between .. /

Process All participants has either a digital camera, a mobile phone with video, or with pictures, but we brings also some material to share together, to exchange and to record, to work with the landscape. During the bustrip there is several stops at different predefined places… (see the google map) A 1 base where we ll stop back the sunday where we ll use Internet in the afternoon and work at the videos and the computer to edit the pictures, the videos and other material recorded (publishing in google map and some other videos in the website of Like Now! : http://www.likenow.org)

website about the online exhibition under construction : http://www.likenow.org/geotagging

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WHERE: Härke Konstcentrum
Härkevägen 5, Frösön, see map
WHEN: Sat-Sun 18th-19th april,
TIME: kl 2pm-6pm och 10am-6pm
TRANSPORTATIONS: Bus 4, two times per hour
for times see http://www.lanstrafiken-z.se/

We’re for the fourth time in Östersund arranging a special Upgrade! event with a very interesting perspective with an artist from the generation of media artists. This artist is named Ida Rödén and she has already been exhibiing in many places in Sweden. Ida Rödén is working together with programmers and laboratories to create her art. She is presenting her works in a borderland between
computer games, art and printing.

Vernissage – exhibition and presentation from the artist at Härke konstcentrum, Frösön on saturday the 18th april at 2pm.
The exhibition is happening during this concentrated weekend when the artist will be present and explain how she is working on saturday the 18th april and the sunday the 19th april.

A presentation from Ida and a following discussion about the multidisciplinary approach with drawing and computer art will happen on saturday the 18th april between 2pm and 5pm.

Ida Rödén website

For more info:

upgrade at likenow.org
mobile: 073-8073972

In cooperation with Härke Konstcentrum and with support from Östersunds kommun.

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Upgrade! Östersund-Stockholm are inviting to the third presentation on new media art. For this time we’re collaborating with Östersunds Konstskola around new media art in relation to sculpture. Arijana Kajfes will present her works and talk about the interdisciplinary approach across scuplture, new media art, science.

The presentation will be followed by informal discussion around the subjects along with tea and coffee.

Free admission. Welcome!

More info at: info [at] likenow.org

Arijana Kajfes
Visual experimental artist working with borderlines of perception and meaning. Completed studies in sculpture at Kunglia Konsthögskolan in Stockholm. From 93-95 worked and travelled in Africa and Asia. Between 97-99  involved in the development of CRAC – an artist’s digital medialab in Stockholm. Between 99-04 a member of the research team at Smartstudio, an interdisciplinary lab at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm. Spent 2000 in San Francisco at the dept. of Conceptual Information Arts, San Francisco State University, exploring possibilities that arise in the convergence of art, science and technology. Involved in several interdisciplinary experiments. Exhibits, talks and teaches in Sweden and internationally, guest professor at Kungliga Konsthögskolan.

When: 21st febr, 2pm-5pm
Where: Östersunds Konstskola, Öneslingan 13, Frösön/Östersund

partnerships: Östersunds Konstskola, Östersunds Kommun, Kultur- och fritid, Konstkonsulent Länskulturen Jämtlands, Jämtlands läns landsting,
Konstkonsulent Västernorrland, Landstinget i Västernorrland, Härke konstcentrum

Affiliated with Upgrade! International