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Geo Tagging

Road movie & Internet / New media art / workshop / Minibus trip with artists and all people interested  / keywords: gps / video/ pictures/ tagging / road movie / Internet / map / workshop + trip + process + online exhibition

week-end the 9-10 may 2009


workshop minibus + video/pictures + Internet+ landscape in progress

where: several places in the Solleftea commun

when: 1 week-end, the 9 -10th may

who: artists, young, students + all other people interested

Presentation A trip with a minibuss with 7 workshop participants + 2 initiators are doing a travel in differents places of the Solleftea commun and working at a story or performance they want record with a local landscape, their point of view to exprim this landscape. /

Geo-localizations lakes around (sjöarna kring) Junsele and (och) Ramsele, Österåsen(mountainview), Rödskäggsniporna (small mountain view at the river), Oringsjöurskog (woods),Trefaldighetsdalen, (hidden valley by the river for old medical and ritual place in outskirts of Sollefteå, Meåforsen (not waterpowered-built part of Fjällsjö river) ? a noman’s land part where some works are.. a place in between .. /

Process All participants has either a digital camera, a mobile phone with video, or with pictures, but we brings also some material to share together, to exchange and to record, to work with the landscape. During the bustrip there is several stops at different predefined places… (see the google map) A 1 base where we ll stop back the sunday where we ll use Internet in the afternoon and work at the videos and the computer to edit the pictures, the videos and other material recorded (publishing in google map and some other videos in the website Like Now! : Like now! project initiated by Nathalie Fougeras & Björn Eriksson contact : /////////////////////////////

workshop landscape & internet